Writing saved me. That, the Lord’s prayer, wishful thinking and massive doses of therapy.

Journals took me through the first part of my life. Later newspapers and magazines printed my not-so-nice news pieces, feel-good profiles and trendy features.

I progressed to food and travel magazines with assignments that took me around and around the world. Along the way I learned our cultures are woven into everything we eat. Our history, no matter how long or short, connects us. Ancient German designs match those in Ireland, France and even the Middle East. Don’t believe me? I have pictures.

Although traveling (and eating) is exciting, there really isn’t an outlet to tell those “extra” bits and pieces that don’t really fit into feel-good food and travel stories.

Gracie Spoon is my place to share those food and travel stories that don’t come with Michelin stars and 800 thread-count sheets. Sometimes, life’s best comes from a street cart or a corner dive. Small out-of-the way hotels, bed and breakfasts and family owned hotels are pretty interesting too.

Edgy folks with a sense of humor should join me as I periodically share stories. More often than not I’ll include food — for me it’s life and helps tell my story.

Off to finish two assignments. I’ll be back.

Till then, Gracie (Grace E. Spoon)

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